Ateliér Schlosser & Wenisch: Photographs
January 21 – April 18 2010
Galerie Josefa Sudka

In 1909, a modern photographic studio was founded in Prague that catered chiefly to a German clientele. In the following years, the studio made portraits of the city’s most noted personalities and visitors to the metropolis (such as writer Franz Kafka and his family, Karl Kraus, music conductor Alexander von Zemlinsky, photographer Laszló Moholy-Nagy, film director Gustav Machatý, and the Czech actors Anny Ondráková, Hugo Haas, and the duo team Voskovec and Werich). Otto Schlosser (1880–1942) was the studio’s owner and leading figure, but there were a great many other prominent collaborators (including company co-founder Max Wenisch, Franz Fiedler, Bohumil Kimla, Antonín Studnička and Karel Stehlík, among others). The studio excelled at glamour portraiture and unique staged images created in an Art Deco vein.

The exhibition has been produced in collaboration with the Archive of B.& M. Chochola.
The event is held under the patronage of the Chief Rabbi of Prague and the Czech Republic, Karol Efraim Sidon.

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