It has been most fortunate that Czech glass has always been photographed by outstanding photographers; every one of them visually treated the material in their own distinctive way, whether these were Josef Sudek in the 1930s, Jindřich Brok, Jindřich Otto and others after 1945. From the late 1960s, Gabriel Urbánek, an in-house photographer at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, has held a prominent place among this photographic elite. His name appears along with authors of the finest books on historical Bohemian and contemporary Czech glass. What we admire in his work are his skilful treatment of light, a feeling for composition, photographic precision and sensitivity. Without his creative input, the general awareness of Czech glass production would have been greatly deprived and the appreciation of the superb quality of it would hardly be so profound. The exhibition offers more than 160 photographs made between 1990 and 2018, presenting contemporary art sculptures and design, as well as historical goblets, vases and other fragile artefacts created by masters in their field.
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Jan Fabián, object Cherries, plums and currant, 2008
photo Gabriel Urbánek, 2014
digital print
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