Second year of the Festival of Toys Made of Natural Materials

A show of toys by Czech designers and manufacturers including works by students of art schools in Prague, Uherské Hradiště and Jihlava-Helenín. Samples from the festivals ‘Jičín – A Town of Fairy-Tales’ and ‘Slámování’.

Main festival days: 12—16 July 2007

The accompanying cultural program at the chateau and the chateau garden offers to visitors the following from Thursday, 12 July to Monday, 16 July:

- to see fairy-tales presented by professional and amateur theater troupes
- to buy a toy made of natural materials and other handmade articles at the market in the courtyard and watch how toys are being made or decorated
- to listen to live music
- to play with toys in the chateau playroom
- to see how toys are manufactured in a toy workshop, design their own toy and try to make it from prefabricated textile and wooden elements

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