Vojtěch Lanna – svobodný pán, sběratel, mecenáš a podnikatel

The publication focuses on Bohemia’s most outstanding patron of the arts and culture and co-founder of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague. Vojtěch Lanna (1836 České Budějovice – 1909 Merano) was an industrialist, building construction entrepreneur, art collector of European stature and a patron of numerous cultural institutions. He was instrumental in the construction of Bohemia’s railroad system and was also involved in river regulation, namely of the Vltava (Moldau). During his life in Prague, he amassed a unique corpus of works of fine art and decorative arts, an important part of which is now in the holdings of UPM, where it constitutes the museum’s core collections. The book contains a biographical study, including the history of the Lanna company, discussed against the backdrop of Vojtěch Lanna’s relationship to the Museum of Decorative Arts. A separate chapter describes his tenure in the Society of Patriotic Friends of the Arts and the art works housed in the National Gallery in Prague. The nucleus of the publication consists of chapters devoted to the individual fields of decorative arts (glass, ceramics, metalwork, furniture, textiles), represented in UPM’s holdings that come from the original Lanna collection.

publisher: UPM
texts: Filip Wittlich et el.
edition: Czech, English resumé and catalogue
English translation: Andreas Beckmann, Štěpán Suchochleb
graphic design: Robert V. Novák
format: 28.3 x 21.3 cm, soft cover
pages: 248
images: 150
ISBN: 80—7101-034—0
price: 160 CZK

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Vojtěch Baron Lanna: Collector, Patron and Entrepreneur
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