This exhibition catalogue delineates the contours of the rich photographic legacy of Josef Sudek, housed in UPM’s collection. The specific style of Sudek’s oeuvre is characterized by intimate themes, mostly simple, everyday objects. In his photographs, Sudek skilfully visualized the subject of the natural world, thus enhancing the viewers’ perception of daily reality and understanding of photography.

The catalogue was issued to accompany the exhibition held on the occasion of Europalia 98 in Palais des Beaux-Arts, Charleroi (Belgium), October – December, 1998.

texts: Jan Řezáč, Jan Mlčoch, Zdeněk Kirschner
editions: French
translation: Amalaine Diab, Alain Slivinský, Václav Jamek
graphic design: Annick Blommaert
pages: 115
pictures: 63
binding: softback, 28 x 23.5 cm
ISBN: 90—5349-288—7

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Josef Sudek: Prag panoramique/Prague panoramic
Une rose pour...) Prague art...) Clock and Watches...) Metalmorphoses:...)