Through a representative selection of glass, the Czech-language publication presents to the readers a period of turmoil, when art glass gradually extricated itself from its largely utilitarian and decorative functions. In this process, Czech glass designers and artists played a revolutionary role, which left an indelible mark on the world glass movement. The illustrations are mostly examples from the glass collection in the possession of the Steinberg Foundation in Luxembourg.

The book was issued by the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague in collaboration with the Museum Kunst Palast in Düsseldorf, the National Gallery in Prague and Art & Interior to accompany an exhibition of the same name taking place in Veletržní palác of the National Gallery in Prague, from April 26 through September 23, 2007.

publication concept: Milan Hlaveš
texts: Helmut Ricke, Helena Koenigsmarková, Tomáš Vlček, Milan Hlaveš
edition: Czech
translation from German: Milan Hlaveš, Ruben Pellar
photo: Gabriel Urbánek, Horst Kolberg, Michaela Dvořáková
graphic design: Robert V. Novák
text editors: Dagmar Nárožníková, Alena Bártová
number of pages: 68
binding: softback, A4
colour reproduction: 93
ISBN 978—80-7101—069-2
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