Afons Mucha: A szecesszió cseh mestere/Czech Master of the Art Nouveau

The catalogue was published to accompany an exhibtion that was held as part of the 2009 Spring Cultural Festival in Budapest. The exhibition featured fine examples of Mucha’s posters, paintings, drawings and photographs from his Parisian, American and Czech periods. It was co-organised by the Moravian Gallery, Brno, the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague and the Mucha Foundation.

publishers: Moravian Gallery in Brno and Szépmüvészeti Museum, Budapest, 2009
texts: Marta Sylvestrová, Petr Štembera
edition: Czech-English, English-Hungarian
graphic design: Balázc Czeizel
format: 28 x 23, soft cover
pages: 240
images: 306
ISBN 978—80-7027—196-4 (Czech-English)
ISBN 978—963-7063—61-9 (English-Hungarian)
price at the Museum: 280 CZK

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Afons Mucha: A szecesszió cseh mestere/Czech Master of the Art Nouveau
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