This is the first comprehensive monograph on Antonín Kybal (1901–1971), a distinguished personality of Czech textile design and production of the 20th century. The main text authored by Lucie Vlčková deals with Kybal’s professional pursuits in the perspective of art and design of his day, and in the context of his personal life. In fourteen thematic chapters, the author discusses the individual stages of his career, from his artistic beginnings as painter, via his shift towards textile design and the establishment of his own studio and workshops, to the circumstances of Kybal’s adaptation to the post-war situation and his re-emergence as an innovative textile designer. An independent section, written by Markéta Vinglerová, is devoted to Antonín Kybal as a teacher and educator at the Academy of Applied Arts and the so-called Kybal School. The book’s accompanying illustrations present what are mostly yet-unpublished works, preserved in private collections and state institutions (Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, Moravian Gallery in Brno, Olomouc Museum of Art, and other holdings), which are complemented by valuable visual records of interiors and wares of his times, as well as personal photographs.

publishers: UPM and Karel Kerlický – KANT
authors of the concept, editor: Lucie Vlčková
texts: Lucie Vlčková, Markéta Vinglerová, Alice Hekrdlová
edition: Czech with English resumé
graphic design: Vladimír Vimr
format: 28.7 x 24.5 cm, hard cover
pages: 288
reproductions: 322
ISBN: 978—80-7101—166-8 (UPM)
ISBN: 978—80-7437—223-0 (KANT)
price: 900 CZK

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