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Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague
Information on export permit applications, valid from January the 1st 2015:

Export permit applications forms are accepted and issued at UPM’s reception desk at the administrative seat during the reconstruction of the main building:
Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague
Dům U Minuty, Malé náměstí 9, Prague 1
Tel.: 778 543 901

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 10 am – 12 noon, 2 pm – 4 pm
Friday: 10 am – 12 noon

Four application forms (A, B, C, D) are required for each object subject to an export permit. The application forms in electronic form are attached below (for two-sided printing). The applicant fills in ONLY the front page of the form. Also necessary are eight photographs (size 9 x 13 cm); four of the front and four of the back of each object. Should the item be the same on all sides (e.g. a chandelier), a photo showing the piece from above and below will be supplied. Each piece must be photographed separately. DO NOT PASTE the photos onto the application forms (only attach them loosely). Forms filled out incompletely, erroneously or illegibly will not be accepted for processing.

Should the owner of the object not be applying for the export permit in person, the individual entrusted with tending to the permit application is required to present an affidavit with the object owner’s officially certified signature. The same applies for forms mailed by post. Export permits will not be granted should the item fail to meet the provisions stipulated in Act No. 71/1994 Coll., on the sale and exportation of movable cultural heritage artworks, pursuant to Act. No. 80/2004 Coll. (e.g. modern replica, copy, etc.).

Should a permit be requested for the exportation of objects that constitute an ensemble, separate application forms are not required for each piece individually, but only one form that will cover the ensemble as a whole. Hence, the applicant will add to the form four photos of the ensemble, or possibly of its selected pieces (e.g. one plate, one bowl, one coffee cup, etc.) and four photos of one piece (e.g. a plate) shown from the underside.

The object’s dimensions (depth, width, height, and — should this apply — diameter; in case of items made of precious metals, their weight and fineness) will be given on the back of one of the photographs. If the image be poorly discernible and should the applicant have such knowledge, he/she will state the material from which the object is made and the factory mark in the case of ceramic wares. If the object bears a signature or carries any other type of inscription, that too will be mentioned (i.e. “Signed: ....“, “Marked: ....“, etc.). The applicant will copy the exact wording of all signs on the object, including their placement. If necessary, UPM’s expert examiners will be allowed personal inspection of the object under consideration.

The export permit application will be processed within one to three weeks, depending on the circumstances. The cost of the application issuance is 500 CZK. The deliverance and acceptance of the processed application is possible only in person or through certified mail.

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