contact for the foreign requests:
Ivana Quilezová
T) +420 602 273 604

contact for the Czech requests:
Michaela Neškerová
M) )
T) +420 778 543 902

- commercial use: calendars, CD and MC covers, postcards, publications (except scholarly publications), promotional materials of all kind, films and TV programs; production of replicas, copies etc., www pages

- non-commercial and educational use: catalogues and publications on art and related areas, academic periodicals and scholarly publications, conference and symposia proceedings, encyclopaedias, CD-ROM, guides, textbooks, scripta, diploma and dissertation theses, www pages of non profit organisations, personal use

images provided by the museum
- digital images, 300 DPI/A5, A4, A3
- transparencies (for rent only), 6 x 9 cm, 9 x 12 cm
- slides, 3,5 x 3,5 cm 

all requests for the purchase or rental of photographic material must be put in writing and include the following:
- exhibits information (author, title, inventory number, please provide illustration when available)
- type and format of the photographic material required (digital image, transparency), size of image as a proportion of the page
- intended use(s), publication information: author, title, publisher, intended date of publication, languages of publication, publication format (i.e. print, electronic, broadcast, etc.), anticipated print run; websites: size of image, time on screen
- contact name, mailing and invoice address, phone (fax) number, contact email

time schedule
- the time required for processing an application depends on the number of images required
- the shortest possible time is two weeks
- we charge extra money for express order

terms and conditions
- The Museum charges for photographic images sold and hired, and for the reproduction rights.
- Maximum hire period of colour transparencies is 6 months. For any extension of this period a new application is required and an extra fee will be charged.
- Transparencies must be returned to the Museum in a protective envelope to avoid their damage.
- Any part of the reproduced artefact may not be cropped, superimposed with lettering or in any way defaced without prior agreement. The colours of reproductions should be as true as possible. If the reproductions are not of acceptable standard, any further applications may be rejected.
- The approval of this application, and the fee charged, are for the specific purpose only. For any reprints, further editions, new deployment of the printing plates, or any other possible use, a new application must be lodged.
- The acknowledgement "Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague" should appear as close to the reproduction as possible.
- All artefacts by living artists or artists deceased earlier than seventy years ago, are subject to copyright. It is responsibility of the publisher to obtain the reproduction permission from the copyright holder, i.e. the author himself or his/her heir.
- For the documentation purposes, a copy of each publication (in print or in any other medium) must be forwarded to the Museum for record purposes.