This space is devoted to children activities: active learning and creating in connection with a visit of a temporary or permanent exhibition and collections. An open, variable space with capacity for fifteen children “in action“

—storage space for materials
—hanging system for display of finished works
—facility for washing hands and cleaning tools

KOH-I-NOOR Hardtmuth, a.s. in České Budějovice is the Studio's patron.

information for visitors
—book able programmes:
—special with staff from the Museum
—additional, run by a teacher or group guide, as a follow-up to a visit to the museum

admission charges
specialised programme for a group of at least 15 persons, 300 Kč per hour
additional programme, 200 Kč per hour
programme for the public free of charge

information and booking
T) +420 251 093 295, E)
(please allow at least seven days if booking a guide)

currently on offer:
permanent exhibition
guided tours for groups of primary and secondary school children

Creative studio at the Museum