First year of the Festival of Toys Made of Natural Materials — organized by the Municipal Museum in Kamenice nad Lipou

A meeting of all those who have not forgotten how to play… Designed for those who want to spend their holiday time in the company of a toy, to make children happy by buying them a new toy or to get an inspiration for their clever fingers, but also for those who deal with toys professionally.

Main festival days: 13 —16 July 2006

Exhibitions of Toys

July — October
Toys of Prague art schools — design of toys and their realizations by students of the Secondary School of Applied Art in Prague-Žižkov and textile toys made by students of the Secondary School of Textile Crafts.
Toys made of natural materials from the workshops of artists of the Toys Association and members of the Association for Games and Toys.
Toys awarded the designation “The Right Toy” — selected by experts, and the prize of the Design Center of the Czech Republic “Excellent Product — Excellent Design”.

60 Years! — JAS Stráž nad Nežárkou / July
Samples of the 60-year history of production of wooden toys of the cooperative JAS from Stráž nad Nežárkou.

Toys in Kamenice / July — September
State training toy workshop and manufacturers of wooden toys in Kamenice nad Lipou from the 1940s.
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