The third annual festival of toys made from natural materials on view at the Kamenice nad Lipou Chateau
July 9–13, 2008

A Chateau Full of Toys — A gathering of all who still remember how to play...

An overview of toys, toy designers and manufacturers, art-school students’ works and toy collectors from all over the Czech Republic. The event’s principal organizer is the Office for the Administration of Cultural Institutions of the Kamenice nad Lipou Municipality (SKZM), in partnership with Kamenice’s Municipal Museum.

For more information on the festival days devoted to toy sales, workshops and theatre and music performances, please visit ))

Media contacts:
Mgr. Petr Pech, Director of the Municipal Museum at Kamenice nad Lipou
T) 565 434 168, M) 776 669 533, E) ))
Alena Kůrková, Director of SKZM Kamenice nad Lipou
T) 565 432 512, M) 605 162 351, E) ))

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