A new exhibit of the month is on view at the entrance to the UPM’s Permanent Collection:

A Boat to the Underworld
Concept and execution: Anna Khunová, 1995

Leather, plastic, wood, painting
Purchased at auction in 1996
UPM, inv. no. 100 434

The object was presented at an exhibition titled “Variations for Two Feet”, mounted by the U Prstenu art gallery and the Mladý svět magazine. Foremost Czech artists participated in the event. After the show closed, the exhibits were auctioned and the funds thus acquired were donated to charity.

Anna Khunová (*1946 Prague) attended the Academy of Art,
Architecture and Design in 1968–1974, where she was enrolled in the Book Illustration Studio of Professor Zdeněk Sklenář. She specializes in graphic design, book illustration, bibliophile leaves and the creation of postage stamps. Khunová has illustrated many children’s books.
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