Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague
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Družstevní práce: Sutnar – Sudek) December 14th, 2006 -February 18th, 2007
Exhibition hall of UPM

Josef Ehm: Photography of the 1930s and 1940s) October 12th, 2006 -January 21st, 2007
Josef Sudek Gallery

Subjective x Objective. Jiří Pelcl X Design) October 5th—November 26th, 2006
Exhibition hall of UPM

Japan of Joe Hloucha) September 6th—December 3rd, 2006
Středočeské muzeum v Roztokách u Prahy

Alphonse Mucha - the Czech Master of Belle Epoque) September 1st, 2006 -November 12th, 2007

Tjekkisk glaskunst 1945-1980) August 18th, 2006 -January 14th, 2007
Museet pa Koldinghus, Kolding, Dánsko

Glass and Light – 150 Years of the Secondary School of Glassmaking in Kamenický Šenov (1856-2006)) June 15th—September 17th, 2006
Exhibition hall of UPM

Rudolf Janda: Photographs) May 25th—September 3rd, 2006
Josef Sudek Gallery

Garments of Margaretha Franciska Lobkowicz née Dietrichstein) April 13th, 2006 -March 18th, 2007
Main building of UPM

Métissages) April 13th—May 28th, 2006
Exhibition hall of UPM

Maria Callas and Swarovski. Jewels on Stage) January 21st—March 26th, 2006
Exhibition hall of UPM

Pavel Hrdlička: Photographs) January 19th—April 16th, 2006
Josef Sudek Gallery

Alena Matějková: The Road) September 11th, 2005 -December 31st, 2007
Kamenice nad Lipou
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