The small-scale exhibition from the collections of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague is an invitation to visit the long-term exhibition Vital Art Nouveau 1900 on view at the Municipal House in Prague.

Exhibited here in Brussels is a representative corpus of turn-of-the century posters; alongside works by Alphonse Mucha, Arnošt Hofbauer, Viktor Oliva, Karel Špillar and Jaroslav Benda, there are four superb posters by Jan Preissler.

The graphic art created by these accomplished exponents of the Art Nouveau style is complemented by a selection of glass from the museum’s rich holdings, especially objects manufactured in Dolní Polubný (Riedl) and Harrachov (Harrachov Glassworks) in Northern Bohemia, and items produced by the glassworks in Lenora (Králik), Klášterský Mlýn (Lötz) and Vimperk (Meyr) in the Šumava region in Southern Bohemia.

The third group consists of twelve chairs designed by eminent architects of the emerging Modernist movement: Josef Fanta, Jan Kotěra, Pavel Janák, Josef Gočár and Vlastislav Hofman.

The three collections are accompanied by fourteen photographs featuring outstanding Art Nouveau buildings by the architect Osvald Polívka in 1904–1911, including images of interiors designed by him in the Municipal House in Prague.

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