Gallery U Prstenu, Jilská 14, Prague 1, CZ

The exhibition runs from October 10. to November 6., 2015.
The exhibition is held under the patronage of Director Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague PhDr. Helena Koenigsmarková and with the support of company LAUFEN, South Bohemia Region and Ministry of Culture.

Jan Čapek , CZ
Pedar Dalthorp , USA
Petr Macek , CZ
Colleen Toledano , USA
Gabriel Vach , CZ
Zorka a Niek Zwartjes , CZ/NL

The 26th International Symposium of Ceramics in Bechyně (ISC) has reverted to a consistent theme after twelve years and six symposiums. And it is not just any theme. It turned to a bit different area of ceramic art than it used to be in the past years where mostly sculpture or art supremely, was the
main topic. The theme for 2014 is “Sanitary Ware Design” , as it was at 20th ISC in 2002. It is worth mentioning that already the symposium held in 1973 focused on ceramic tiles. They were very
upto-date at that time since they often were an integral part of architecture. This phenomenon, visible not only on public buildings, is quite unknown so far and it is practically an untreated topic of the socialist architecture. This makes the brief presentation of this specific area of ceramic art, today in
the collection of International Museum of Ceramics in Bechyně, Aleš South Bohemian Gallery(AJG), even rarer. Let’s name at least Czech artists represented at 7th ISC: Antonín Bartoš, Marie
Rychlíková, Helena Samohelová, Karolína Šimčíková and Ludmila Pecková-Severová. We could see their work in this field since. Among foreign artists, we can name: Janina Konieczna, Vadim
Kosmačov, Péteris Martinsons, Karen Park, Brigitte Schuller-Hohlt, Branislav Stajević, Károly Szekeresz, Lucia Teodorescu-Maftei. However, it is quite difficult to find out years later if these foreign participants focused on this area of design, or how much.
The symposium in 2002 already focused on the field of design, for the first time in the history on sanitary ware; or washbasin designs to be more precise. At that time it was basically a “student” symposium presenting teachers Václav Šerák and Aleš Werner from the Academy of Arts, Architecture
and Design in Prague and their students. Today, however, these former students form a group of significant designers and artists. Among them are: Yoshikazu Ikeda, Eva Mochalová, Antonín
Tomášek, Gabriel Vach, and Mariana Velčovská. Thanks to another participant, sculptor Oldřich Rujbr, the symposium outcomes came to life at Brno University of Technology. Despite the task being clearly utilitarian, the outcome was several unforgettable designs of original shapes: a pillow by Eva Mochalová, barrel by Joshikazu Ikeda – washbasins might actually look like that. Also the simple lines of other prototypes are in the spirit of the current tendencies in European design at
that time. Perhaps that is what makes them still attractive.

Gabriel Vach, DIY – Washbasin, 2014, sanitary ceramics cast in a mold
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