The Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague enriched the permanent exhibition of Baroque art in Bohemia, opened by the National Gallery in Prague, with its own independent section devoted to the arts and crafts produced during the Baroque era in Central Europe’s cultural milieu. The objects on view range from the Mannerism of the late 16th and early 17th centuries through the Classicism of the late 18th century. The art installation is displayed in the impressive interiors of the newly-restored vaulted rooms in the palace basement. Visitors can examine more than four hundred masterpieces presenting the development of decorative techniques, ornamentation and iconography.

The decorative art exposition explores three thematic groups: Liturgical Objects, Tableware and Ornament.

The Schwarzenberg Palace
Hradčanské náměstí 2
118 00 Prague 1
Transportation: Tram Nos. 22 and 23 — Pražský hrad stop
Open daily except Mondays 10am–6 pm

Brisé fan depicting a landscape with Narcissus looking at his reflection in the water of a fountain
France or Holland, early 18th century
ivory, varnished tempera painting, gilding
Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, inv. no. 76.761
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