Arnošt Pikart (b. Mostar, 1895, d. Smokovec, 1932) was a member of Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. However, he combined his career as a musician with an intensive cultivation of his passion for photography. At that time, the youngest generation of photographers were linking up with the theoretical groundwork formulated by D. J. Růžička, asserting the notion of a new "photographic purity". After 1924, Pikart ranked alongside J. Sudek, J. Funke and A. Schneeberger, among the most dynamic members of a Czech Photographic Society, which grouped together young radical artists. The current retrospective, the first one-man exhibition of work from the prematurely deceased artist, comprises his photographs from the Museum´s own and private collections.

Galerie Josefa Sudka
Úvoz 24
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