Bohumil Š?astný (born 1905 Prague – died 1991 Prague) was a pioneer of photojournalism in Czechoslovakia after World War I. In 1926, he was appointed official photographer of the new weekly Pestrý týden (Lively Week), where he collaborated with Milena Jesenská, graphic artist V. H. Brunner, Adolf Hoffmeister, Bohumil Markalous and publisher Karel Neubert of the printing plant Grafické závody V. Neubert a synové. Š?astný was amply skilled in documentary and reportage photography; in the 1930s, he was among the first to produce colour prints. In the 1920s, he began experimenting with photomontage, multiple exposure and optical image deformation. He introduced avant-garde methods into advertising photography; Š?astný is well-represented in the seminal book on the subject, Photography in Advertising and Neubert’s Photogravure, published in 1933.

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