exhibition concept /Dita Hálová

The 19th series of the Summer Exhibition of Ceramic Sculpture presents this year itself newly in the area of castle Klenová. Since its beginning in Bechyně in 1993, originally student action changed into rare outdoor presentation of the ceramic sculpture by local artists as well as artists from abroad. From the traditional site of a convent garden, the exhibition moved in the years 2006–2010 to the park of the Museum of Central Bohemia in Roztoky u Prahy.
Many of the works originate or are selected by the curators intentionally for the space of the castle Klenová. Usage of the ceramic or porcelain substance as their base is fundamental for all the works, sometimes in combinations with other materials.
Core of exhibitors is relatively invariable, but every year is enriched with other artists, including guests from abroad, university students and a honorable guest (in past they were sculptors Jan Hendrych, Miloslav Chlupáč, Pavel Knapek, Jan Koblasa, Pravoslav Rada, Václav Šerák, Lubomír Šilar, Bohumil Zemánek, Elżbieta Grosseová a Jindra Viková). This year is the honourable guest in memoriam Mojmír Preclík (1931–2001).
Exhibition aims to present ceramic art of the wide range of sculptors or ceramists of all generations and set it into contemporary artistic context.
Exhibition opening is always connected with interesting culture programmes. The exhibition is admission free. It always lasts from late June to the end of September.
Petr Lada

Marek Dias
David Exner
Václav Gatarik
Petr Lada
Helena Ladová Lišková
Šárka Radová
Jaroslav Šafr
Pavla Vachunová

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Kamenice nad Lipou chateau
náměstí Československé armády 1
Kamenice nad Lipou, 394 70 

The town of Kamenice nad Lipou lies in the northwestern region of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands, some 20 kilometers north of Jindřichův Hradec, in Pelhřimov District.

T)+F) +420 565 432 667
E) zamek.kamenice@upm.cz)

Opening hours)
May – September: daily except Mondays 10 am–5 pm
April and October: Tuesday through Friday 10 am–3 pm,
Saturday, Sunday 10 am–5 pm
November – March: Tuesday through Friday 10 am–3 pm

Permanent exhibitions)
- Matchbox Models
- Flatlets for Dolls
- A collection of 19th and 20th century furniture — it is temporarily closed
- Grilles, Locks, Keys
- Alena Matějková: A Journey
- Museum of the Senses

In 1580–1583, the original 13th-century castle was converted into a Renaissance mansion graced by a courtyard with arcades and a garden. The Baroque entrance tower was built in 1744. The chateau acquired its present Late Neo-classical appearance in the early 19th century. It is surrounded by an English landscape garden featuring a linden tree estimated to be 700–800 years old. The Geymüller family was the Kamenice chateau’s last pre-World War II owner. In 1998, this historical landmark came under the management of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague (UPM). Following extensive restoration work carried out between 1999 and 2004, a collection of furniture was installed in its interiors, which is open to the broad public. UPM also holds long-term exhibitions (toys, wrought ironwork, etc.) in other spaces of the chateau, intended both for children and adults. During the summer months, a café with a terrace offers refreshments and a pleasant ambiance. There is a visitors’ information centre in the chateau and exhibition installations administered by the town’s Municipal Museum in its south wing.
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Šárka Radová

Echoes of the Summer Exhibition of Ceramic Sculpture
prepared) permanent display) 2018) 2017) 2016) 2015) 2014) 2013) 2012) 2011) 2010) 2009) 2008) 2007) 2006) 2005) 2004)
Prague Fashion...) The Exhibition 2011) Ota Hájek:...) TREASURE HUNT …in...) Sheila Hicks: One...) Controversies: A...) Echoes of the...) Ladislav Sutnar:...) The Touches of...) Josef Sudek: Objects) In Search of Glass) Undeniably me) Glamour. Women’s...) Czech Toy) Adriena Šimotová:...) Artěl 1908-1935 /...) Winners of Czech...) P. Rada! Paráda!) Adolf Vrhel:...) Oldřich Straka:...) Decadence now!...)
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