Eva Eisler and K.O.V. Studio

The "Treasure Hunt" exhibition is a project undertaken by the
K.O.V. Studio headed by Eva Eisler at the Academy of Art,
Architecture and Design in Prague.

The exhibition was held for the first time at Die Neue Sammlung – The International Design Museum Munich, March — April 2011

In the title of this year's exhibition, the words "Treasure" and
"Hunt" evocate a process of searching. Searching as a journey towards a hidden treasure is synonymous with artistic creativity. Both are endless processes in which new questions, and not necessarily answers,are found. The journey is the destination; the treasure itself remains shrouded. The artist and the public both become treasure hunters.
The "box" is seen here as an integral part of the cherished object it contains. To an artist it represents possibilities of expressing through art what it is he or she are seeking.
While a treasure hunt, as a theme becomes a highly personal endeavour, it touches upon universal human experiences.

The Exhibition is organized by Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague and the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague.

Galerie Rudolfinum
Alšovo nábřeží 12
110 01 Praha 1 

opening time)
Tuesday-Wednesday, Friday-Sunday: from 10 am to 6 pm
Thursday: from 10 am to 8 pm

temporary exhibition: 80 CZK (discounts 50 CZK)

TREASURE HUNT/ …in search of the hidden and of the endless quest for treasure… / Studio K.O.V.
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