Spanish design is experiencing a time of flourishing success and international renown. The Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECID) and the Embassy of Spain in Prague, in collaboration with The Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, have co-organized the exhibition BRAVOS – Groundbreaking Spanish Design. This is the first comprehensive overview of product design work representing the field’s most talented Spanish designers. The curator Juli Capella introduces twenty-one designers born after 1960, whose designs range from minimalism, ecodesign and the Neo-Baroque to contemporary handicraft. The display documents the remarkable variety and diversity of styles created by a new generation of Spanish designers in the early 21st century.

Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague
Exhibition Hall
17. listopadu 2
110 00 Prague 1

Opening hours
Tue 10 a.m.—7 p.m., Wed — Sun 10 a.m.—6 p.m., Mon closed

Cul de Luxe
Ramón Úbeda, 2008

Graphic design: Štěpán Malovec
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