Illustrated posters in the Czech Lands, as in all of Europe, began in the mid—19th century, thanks to advances in printing technology, in particular lithography. The latter half of the 1890s, up until 1900, marked the peak of "postermania" in the Czech Lands, and in Central Europe as a whole. The twenty years between World Wars I and II may be viewed as the poster’s second golden age. The posters in this catalogue present various aspects of life in interwar Prague, the capital city and natural center of the new, confident state. Some of them are by well-known artists; the others, however, are the work of little-known names.

The catalogue was issued by the Museum in cooperation with the Czech Center New York to accompany the exhibition in the Czech Center New York, May – June, 2001.

texts: Nicolas Lowry, Petr Štembera
editions: English
translation: Alex Zucker
graphic design: Ondřej Zámiš
pages: 40
pictures: 12
binding: softback, 20.5 x 19.5 cm
ISBN: 80—7101-045—6

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