It is a comprehensive presentation of the main trends, personalities, and works of Czech photography from 1901 to 2000. Not wanting to show merely works by the most important photographers such as F. Drtikol, J. Sudek, J. Rössler, J. Funke, J. Štyrský, J. Koudelka, J. Svoboda, J. Saudek, J. Štreit, and A. Kratochvíl, the authors have sought to document various creative trends also with photographs by lesser known and sometimes even totally forgotten photographers.

The guide was issued in cooperation with the Kant publishing house to accompany the exhibitions in the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague and the City Gallery Prague, June – October, 2005.

texts: Vladimír Birgus, Jan Mlčoch, Olga Malá
editions: English, Czech (Czech version is out of stock)
translation: Derek Paton, Linda Paukertová, Vladimíra Šefranka, Anna Pilátová
graphic design: Vladimír Vimr
pages: 164
pictures: 243
binding: softback, 23 x 16.6 cm
ISBN: 80—7101-032—4 (English), 80—7101-041—3 (Czech)
price: 494,- CZK
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