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The book examines the famous era of Družstevní práce, a period when Ladislav Sutnar, one of the founders of modern typography and a versatile art designer, was engaged as the publishing house's art director and Josef Sudek as its advertisement photographer.

It was issued by the Museum in cooperation with Arbir Vitae publishing house to accompany the exhibition held in the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, 14. 12. 2006 – 18. 2. 2007.

publication concept: Lucie Vlčková
texts: Iva Knobloch, Vojtěch Lahoda, Jan Mlčoch, Lucie Vlčková
edition: Czech-English
translation: Branislava Kuburovic, Anna Bryson
photo: Ondřej Kocourek
graphic design: Štěpán Malovec, Martin Odehnal
text editor: Dagmar Nárožníková
number of pages: 256
binding: softback, 27 x 25 cm
colour reproduction: 134
ISBN: 80—7101-066—9

the publication has been sold out

A Spanish-English edition of this book, titled "Letra y fotografía en la vanguardia checa, Sutnar – Sudek y la editorial Družstevní práce / Lettering and Photography in the Czech Avant-garde, Sutnar – Sudek and Družstevní práce Publishing House", was published to accompany the first showing of the exhibition at Museo Valencià de la Illustració i de la Modernitat (MUVIM), held from July 27 to September 24, 2006.
price: 280,-CZK
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