Vojtěch Preissig, a prominent Czech artist of the early 20th century, devoted his art and craftsmanship in graphic design to courageous service to his nation. He designed number of posters, brochures, leaflets, prints, designs and printing plates during the first and second resistance. The core of the collection consists of a number of legionary recruitment posters, exceptional in the world in terms of their artistic qualities, impressiveness and sophisticated expression. Preissig made in his workplace at Wentworth Institute in Boston also posters for the American army and other printed materials as well as designs of the Czechoslovak flag.

This book was published by the Prague Edition in collaboration with the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague to accompany the exhibition held in the Clam-Gallas Palace in Prague (Husova 20) from the 12th of September to the 28th of October 2008.

authors of the concept, editor: Lucie Vlčková
texts: Aleš Brožek, Jaroslav Čvančara, Petr Koura, Ilona Krbcová, Lucie Vlčková
graphic design: Štěpán Malovec, Martin Odehnal
edition: Czech, English summary included
pages: 158
format: 210 x 210 cm, softcover
reproductions: 92
ISBN: 80—86239-160—0
price (in the museum shop): 280,- CZK

order (cash on delivery): marketing@upm.cz
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Vojtěch Preissig: For the Republic!
ed. Lucie Vlčková
Vojtěch Preissig:...) The Language of...) Biedermeier: Art...)