Pravoslav Rada: Art Ceramics -

The booklet presents examples of the playful and highly original work of Pravoslav Rada – a classic of Czech ceramic art. It also includes a card game illustrating selected sculptures of animals and mythical and human figures that brought the artist fame. Besides photographs from the family archive, the publication features reproductions of images of Rada’s sculptures installed in public spaces, many of which he created in collaboration with his wife Jindřiška. Rada’s work is endowed with wit, humorous exaggeration and irony, as well as a certain detachment and pensive wisdom.

The booklet, including a picture card game, has been prepared to accompany the exhibition held in the Museum, February 3 – April 25, 2011.

texts: Dita Hálová, Milan Hlaveš
edition: Czech-English
graphic design: Tereza Hejmová, Jan Matoušek
format: 20 x 14.8 cm, picture card game 21.1 x 15.8 cm
pages: 32
reproductions: 34 + 32 (picture card game)
ISBN: 978—80-7101—094-4
price: 88,- CZK

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Pravoslav Rada
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