Glassmaking is an age-old craft that spread from the ancient empires of the Middle East via Greece and the Roman Empire to the West. However, only two places on the map of Europe mastered the secret of glass manufacture, grasping its every detail and enhancing it to unprecedented heights of beauty admired to this day: Venice, Italy, or, more precisely, the Island of Murano, and Bohemia in Central Europe. Two heirs of the ancient techniques that both locations developed in the modern times with the decorative principles of the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

This book was published by the Gallery of Česká spořitelna and the Museum to accompany the exhibition held from November 10, 2012 to February 17, 2013.

editor: Duňa Panenková
texts: Aldo Bova, Patricie Bulvasová Plášková, Helena Koenigsmarková, Duňa Panenková, Hana Seifertová, Jan Schöttner, Filip Wittlich
edition: Czech with English resumé
graphic design: Nikola Kratky
format: 26 x 21 cm, soft cover
pages: 112
reproductions: 122
ISBN 978—80-7101—116-3

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