The publication is the very first systematic evaluation of this sphere in the history of Czech modern art. The book traces design in the Czech lands in a broad perspective, encompassing interior design, functional wares, industrial and graphic design, fashion and textile design, jewellery, industrial photography and the new materials of the 20th century.

The twenty thematic chapters clearly demonstrate how the forms of utilitarian objects and luxury designer products were designed, and the ways life-style and living space transformed over the years. The chapters are accompanied by some 930 photographs of objects from more than one hundred Czech and foreign collections and archives. This rich pictorial material is arranged for “double reading”: both as a logical accompaniment of the texts and as an autonomous commentary.
The publication gives a comprehensive overview of “the century of design” in the Czech lands, of the manifold structure and network of people, associations, production entities and other institutions engaged in design in the past and present, as well as a glimpse into their lives through objects that constitute the cultural memory and identity of our society.
The last chapter of the publication provides the profiles of more than three hundred design institutions and maps their frequently dramatic fates in the 20th century. Among the list of institutions, discussed by the individual authors, particular mention should be made of the art cooperative Artěl, the unique Cubist-style output produced by the Prague Art Workshops and the initiatives of the Czechoslovak Art Association between the two wars. During the country’s four decades under a Communist regime, the development of design was concentrated into research institutes and centres, such as the Institute of Housing and Fashion Design (ÚBOK) and the theory-oriented Institute of Industrial Design (IPD). The publication also treats alternative initiatives that emerged on the margin of interest of the official institutions and Communist-governed industry. The book also devotes attention to the impact of the social transformation after 1989.

publishers: Academia and UPM
authors of the concept, editors: Iva Knobloch, Radim Vondráček
texts: Jiří Fronek, Milan Hlaveš, Lada Hubatová-Vacková, Jiří Hulák, Daniela Karasová, Iva Knobloch, Dagmar Koudelková, Mariana Kubištová, Petra Matějovičová, Jana Johanna Pauly, Hana Rousová, Lucie Skřivánková, Petr Štembera, Lucie Vlčková, Radim Vondráček, Filip Wittlich
photos: Gabriel Urbánek, Ondřej Kocourek, Salim Issa, Štěpánka Stein et al.
graphic design: Štěpán Malovec
edition: Czech with English summary
format: 24.5 x 28.5 cm, hard cover
pages: 660
reproductions: c. 935
ISBN 978—80-7101—157-6 (UPM)
ISBN 978—80-200—2612-5 (Academia)
Price (in the Museum): 1550 CZK

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