The main purpose of the book accompanying the exhibition is to provide a basic overview of the greatly varied oeuvre of Antonín Kybal – an accomplished personality in the field of Czech interior textile design and innovator of 20th-century textile design. His creative pursuits and later activities as educator elevated these conservative and declining crafts to an art form in its own right that accorded with the modernist idiom. He imbued the art of textile with a distinctive creative idiom derived from the material’s natural properties, thus liberating it from its previous imitative dependence on the predominant fields of visual culture. The publication examines the individual areas of Kybal’s work, including those overlooked until now (such as his early stage as painter).

The book was published by the Noth Bohemian Gallery of Fine Arts in Litoměřice in collaboration with UPM to accompany the exhibition held in the Litoměřice gallery from July 14 to September 18, 2011.

texts: Lucie Vlčková
edition: Czech-English
English translation: Adrian Dean
graphic design: Jan Brodský
format: 25 x 23 cm, soft cover
pages: 196
reproductions: 112
ISBN: 978—80-85090—86-4
price: 250,- CZK

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Antonín Kybal
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