Sheila Hicks is one of the leading personalities in the history of art who have significantly influenced the field’s development in the second half of the twentieth century. The uniqueness of her works does not consist merely in a free and inventive relationship to traditional textile techniques. In addition to works of often monumental dimensions or purely conceptual character, Sheila Hicks has always pursued experimental weaving of small objects – “minimes” – on a small portable loom.

The set of minimes was published by UPM to accompany the exhibition Sheila Hicsk: One Hundred Minimes held in the Museum from September 22 do November 6 2011.

text: Konstantina Hlaváčková
edition: English-Czech
graphic design: Štěpán Malovec
format: 19 x 13 cm
pages: 30 sheets
reproductions: 28
ISBN: 978—80-7101—105-7
price: 120,- CZK

The set is out of stock.
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Sheila Hicks
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