In carefully researched articles and splendid photographs, this publication charts out the history of the most important Prague fashion houses, including those of Hanna Podolská, Oldřich Rosenbaum, Arnoštka Roubíčková, and František Bárta, to illustrate and explain the development of the Czech fashion industry from about 1900 to 1948. It traces the development of tailoring and dressmaking, their change from a craft to an applied art, the expansion of international fashion, and the transformation of tailors and dressmakers into artists and merchants. The publication also relates the extraordinary lives of the owners of these fashion houses against the background of historic events.

This book has been published by the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague in collaboration with Arbor vitae publishing house to accompany the exhibition held in the Museum from December 15, 2011 to April 29, 2012.

author of the concept: Eva Uchalová
texts: Eva Uchalová, Zora Damová, Viktor Šlajchrt
edition: Czech-English
English translation: Derek and Marzia Paton
graphic design: Filip Heyduk, Martin Strnad (HMS Design)
format: 29 x 24 cm, hard cover
pages: 312
reproductions: 430
ISBN: 978—80-7101—107-1 (UPM)
The book is out of stock.

The revised second edition will be available from the late August 2018 (see 2018).
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