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Flatlets for Dolls

Flatlets for Dolls

Doll rooms and doll houses are among the oldest and most popular kinds of toys in the world. The exhibition displays items from UPM’s collections, dating from the second half of the 19th century to the 1930s. Reduced-scale copies of interiors consist of three walls made of plywood or folding cardboard. The variability of the furnishings depended on the nature and purpose of the room. Different types of furniture were used for a shop, parlour room or kitchen. The diversity of the miniature furniture nicely illustrates the historical trends in interior design. Doll houses often imitated real interiors, as can be seen when compared with furnishings in the master bedroom of the Geymüller family – the Kamenice chateau’s last pre-World War II owners. • The exhibition contains a play zone for young visitors and an educational programme.

Matchbox Models

With their phenomenal success, Matchbox toys have been enjoyed by several generations of children and adults. Lesney was a British manufacturing company that introduced its die-cast miniature models of cars, machinery and various types of toys in the late 1940s. The Matchbox brand became noted for its packaging of small models into match-size boxes. Interestingly, the design was inspired by the Norvic box produced by Czechoslovakia’s SOLO Sušice match manufacturer. These models were extremely popular in Czechoslovakia due to their extraordinary precision and recreation of the originals down to the smallest details, as well as their functionality, durability and bright colours. • The exhibition presents more than 1,500 models ranging from the first toys manufactured in the late forties and early fifties to vintage models made quite recently. • The exhibition contains a play zone. > Bring your Matchbox model to the chateau!

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