editor: Helena Koenigsmarková
Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers and UPM, 2017
Edition: czech, english, german
format: 19 x 16,8 cm, paperback
80 pages
number of reproductions: 74

ISBN 978-1-78551-122-2 (en)
ISBN 978-1-78551-122-6 (ge)

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The Director’s Choice edition from Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers presents major museums and galleries through the eyes of their directors. This title provides a glimpse into the rich collection of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, which includes masterpieces of craftsmanship, applied art, design and photography.

The selection by UPM director Helena Koenigsmarková outlines the development of artistic craft from the Gothic and Renaissance periods to the 20th century, represented by works by Alfons Mucha, František Drtikol, Pavel Janák, Ladislav Sutnar, František Vízner and many other artists. Through the stories of these exceptional objects, we present the fate of collections in times of social change.