29. 06. 2024 – 06. 10. 2024

Curator: Jan Mlčoch
Graphic design: Štěpán Malovec

Fotoklub Praha was founded in 1922 by a group of young men, formerly amateur photographers. Josef Sudek, together with his friend Adolf Schneeberger and other, now mostly forgotten authors, was also engaged in the club’s activities that lasted about three years. Their mentor was the Czech-American photographer D. J. Růžička who advocated the inviolability of the negative, so-called pure photography. The principal motif was light itself, not the photographed object that tended to be very simple. The collection of works from that period includes examples of Josef Sudek’s mounted photographs created in the 1920s that later inspired his famous puřidla of the 1960s (photographs in originally-conceived mounts), and photos by other members of the club.

Josef Sudek Gallery

Úvoz 24
Praha 1–Hradčany

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