The Central Depository

Červeňanského 2843/19
Praha 13
Gatehouse +420 778 772 407

The Central Depository in Prague
The Central Depository in Prague 13 – Stodůlky

After many years of efforts, the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague has obtained suitable areas to deposit its valuable collections, gathered over the more than 130 years of the Museum’s existence.  At the same time, modern specialised workplaces which take care of the collections and ensure their administration are also situated in these areas. In addition to this, these new areas include facilities where minor events for the public, e.g. lectures and educational events, can be held.  In addition, a small café including garden will be established upon these premises where occasional events for children can be organised.    

The central depository of the Museum is designed as a low-energy building with a unique circular ground plan, where its monolithic structure forms two underground floors and three above-ground floors. The depository itself, with its own mode of operation, is situated on an inscribed square-shaped ground plan. The total floor area of the premises amounts to 5,770 square metres. 

Café open for the public. More information here