Eva Eisler (b. 1952) earned her international reputation as a jewellery designer. Her works are imbued with architectural visions and multifarious concepts. While Eva Eisler’s realizations in the fields of interior and exhibition design, and fine art gradually gained importance from the 1990s, her first public presentations had already taken place in the early seventies in Czechoslovakia.

Her mature creative output is connected with her life in the United States, where the artist moved to in 1983, together with her life partner, architect John Eisler. From 2000, both are also working again in the Czech Republic. The monograph explores the artist’s work throughout her creative career and in its broad typological range. Emphasis is placed on her jewellery design of the second half of the seventies and the eighties when Eva Eisler formulated the fundamental stylistic and formal concepts of her artwork. In the United States, the artist is regarded as a representative of European art jewellery traditions, while in the Czech Republic she is perceived as a messenger of the American artistic approach. However, what matters more than the provenance of her creations is their superb quality and distinctive originality.

Text: Petra Matějovičová
Publishers: UPM and Arbor vitae
Edition: English-Czech
Format: 24.5 x 21 cm, soft cover
Pages: 304
Reproductions: 183
ISBN: 978-80-7101-136-1

Price: 580 CZK