Director's Choice kniha

The Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague
Series of Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers, London

The book has been published by Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers in London in the Director’s Choice series that introduces prominent museums and galleries through the eyes of their directors. This title offers a view of the rich collections held by the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague embracing masterpieces from all fields of decorative and applied arts, design and photography. The illustrative selection made by the museum’s director Helena Koenigsmarková is indicative of the development of the arts and crafts from the Gothic and Renaissance periods to the first half of the 20th century, represented by works of Alphonse Mucha, František Drtikol, Pavel Janák, Ladislav Sutnar and many others. Through the stories of these extraordinary objects, the book examines the fates of the museum’s collections in times of social transformation.

publishers: Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers Ltd. and UPM
editor: Helena Koenigsmarková
texts: Helena Brožková, Jiří Fronek, Markéta Grill, Konstantina Hlaváčková, Milan Hlaveš, Daniela Karasová, Helena Koenigsmarková, Petra Matějovičová, Marie Míčová, Jan Mlčoch, Jan Schöttner, Michal Stříbrný, Petr Štembera, Eva Uchalová, Radim Vondráček
editions: English, German, Czech
format: 19 x 16.8 cm, soft cover
pages: 80
reproductions: 74
ISBN: 978—1-78551—120-2 (En), ISBN (UPM) 978—1-78551—122-6 (Ger)
price: 240 CZK