Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague
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Jaroslav Balzar: Photographs) October 17th, 2013 -January 12th, 2014
Josef Sudek Gallery

František Drtikol: From his Photography Archive) September 5th, 2013 -January 19th, 2014
Exhibition hall of UPM

Lotar Neumann: Photographs) May 23rd—September 8th, 2013
Josef Sudek Gallery

VIP Glass/XIth International Glass Symposium 2012) May 16th—August 18th, 2013
Exhibition hall of UPM

ARTCERAMICS) April 6th—May 5th, 2013
Venetian hand shaped free-blown glass and bohemian cut glass from collections of UPM) April 2nd—November 3rd, 2013
Zámek Trója

František Drtikol: Bromographs) January 17th—April 21st, 2013
Josef Sudek Gallery

Matchbox) December 12th, 2012 -April 21st, 2013
Exhibition hall of UPM

Two Phenomena of European Glassmaking: Venetian and Bohemian Glass) November 10th, 2012 -February 17th, 2013
Gallery of Česká spořitelna

Alberto Vojtěch Frič: Photographs) October 18th, 2012 -January 13th, 2013
Josef Sudek Gallery

All the Best! Czech Art Glass) June 21st, 2012 -July 7th, 2013
permanent display of UPM
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