The exhibition of works by František Drtikol (1883–1961) draws from the artist’s donation presented to the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague in 1942. The selection comprises unique photographs, mostly working studies and variations that were not intended for public presentation at the time. The images are a deep probe into the photographer’s studio work. The decision to exhibit them eighty years after they were made has been inspired by Drtikol’s belief that “Only the birth of art is of divine substance, whereas the finished work is laden with Earth’s weight.” The images show his work with live models (nude variations), numerous abstract compositions and truly original staged images that reflect the artist’s spiritual orientation towards Eastern philosophies and religions. They were made during the economic depression that dramatically affected his photo studio. Photographs produced without any chance of commercial success deserve that much more respect. Owing to his radical ideas and creations, Drtikol was ahead of his time. As he reached the peak in his photography, Czech art was just beginning to discover imaginative tendencies, interest in human sexuality, as well as dreams and other fields of the subconscious. This exhibition collection is accompanied by records of the artist’s distinctive design projects (lamps and decorative objects).The exhibition is accompanied by an interactive programme for visitors.

Curator: Jan Mlčoch

Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague
Exhibition Hall
17. listopadu 2
110 00 Prague 1

Opening hours
Tue 10 a.m.—7 p.m., Wed — Sun 10 a.m.—6 p.m., Mon closed

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