The exhibition entitled “The Intimate World of Josef Sudek” nadpis>(or “Josef Sudek. Le monde a ma fenętre” in French) opens at the Jeu de Paume museum of contemporary arts in Paris on 7 June 2016. The exhibition will showcase 130 photographs spanning Sudek’s career and is the very first exhibition held on such a large scale abroad. The event is organized by the Canadian Photography Institute of the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa that will be the next venue – as of October – after its Paris premiere. The Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague has loaned ten of Sudek’s original photographs from its holdings to this important event.

The National Gallery in Ottawa has one of the most extensive collections of Sudek’s works in the world. The gallery acquired most of the photographs from an unknown donor. The Canadian ensemble contains hundreds of images that come from collections owned by the photographer’s friends, most of whom had settled in the United States. This is why the Canadian art institution was able to prepare this major and outstanding exhibition of Sudek’s works. Nevertheless, some images were missing. After years of research and numerous visits of our Canadian colleagues to our museum, a set of ten photographs by Sudek were selected from UPM’s collections that were incorporated into the exhibition in the form of a separate ensemble. These are photographs mounted by Josef Sudek himself with the assistance of the architect Otto Rothmayer. These unique works are displayed only on special occasions.

The exhibition is divided into seven sections that explore all the best-known stages of Sudek’s career: landscapes along the Elbe River, portraits of his fellow patients at Invalidovna, interior shots of St. Vitus Cathedral, views from the window of his studio, his nocturnal walks through the streets of Prague and portraits of his friends. The exhibition is curated by Ann Thomas of the Canadian Photography Institute of the National Gallery of Canada, who prepared the display in collaboration with the English art historian Ian Jeffrey. On the Czech side, the curator Vladimír Birgus participated in the preparations of the exhibition.

The exhibition will close in Paris on 25 September 2016 and afterwards will be transferred to the National Gallery in Ottawa, where it will run from 28 October 2016 to 19 March 2017. A 300-page, English-French catalogue has been published to accompany the exhibition.

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