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The Argentinian Tradition of Drinking Maté) December 19th, 2007 -March 9th, 2008
The Glass, Porcelain and Ceramics Hall, Permanent Exhibition, UPM

“Flowers in the Dustbin” - Society and Fashion in Czechoslovakia in the Seventies) December 7th, 2007 -February 24th, 2008
Exhibition hall of UPM

Emanuel Kimla: Photography) October 11th, 2007 -January 13th, 2008
Josef Sudek Gallery

Patterns and Samples: Ornamental Prints in the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague) September 26th, 2007 -January 6th, 2008
permanent display of UPM

Moser 10/150: The Last Decade of 150-Year Glass Art Tradition) September 13th—November 18th, 2007
Exhibition hall of UPM

Jan Lukas: Photography 1929-1939) June 7th—September 2nd, 2007
Josef Sudek Gallery

A Beastly Show - Cross-pollination in the Art of Michal Cihlář and Veronika Richterová) May 24th—August 26th, 2007
Exhibition hall of UPM

Ignác Preissler (1676—1741) - Painter of Glass and Porcelain) May 18th—November 11th, 2007
Museum of East Bohemia in HK

Czech Glass 1945—1980 / Production at the Time of Misery and Illusions) April 26th—September 23rd, 2007
National Gallery - Trade-Fair Palace

Japanese poster - Today) March 15th—May 8th, 2007
Exhibition hall of UPM

Czech Grand Design - Annual Awards of the Academy of Design of the Czech Republic 2006) February 27th—March 4th, 2007
Exhibition hall of UPM

Subjective X Objective. Jiří Pelcl X design) February 26th—March 16th, 2007
Looshaus, Vienna

Drahomír Josef Růžička: America) January 25th—April 22nd, 2007
Josef Sudek Gallery

L´Espectacle a Praga 1900 - 1938) January 25th—March 19th, 2007
MUVIM Valencia, Spain

Družstevní práce: Sutnar – Sudek) December 14th, 2006 -February 18th, 2007
Exhibition hall of UPM

Josef Ehm: Photography of the 1930s and 1940s) October 12th, 2006 -January 21st, 2007
Josef Sudek Gallery

Alphonse Mucha - the Czech Master of Belle Epoque) September 1st, 2006 -November 12th, 2007

Tjekkisk glaskunst 1945-1980) August 18th, 2006 -January 14th, 2007
Museet pa Koldinghus, Kolding, Dánsko

Garments of Margaretha Franciska Lobkowicz née Dietrichstein) April 13th, 2006 -March 18th, 2007
Main building of UPM

Alena Matějková: The Road) September 11th, 2005 -December 31st, 2007
Kamenice nad Lipou