The collections of glass, ceramics and porcelain are among the largest and most significant holdings of the UPM in Prague. The foundation of the renowned glass collection dates back to the very beginnings of the museum. It was first of all Vojtěch Lanna , collector, patron and a prominent co-founder of the Museum, who donated his own magnificent collection of glass and set an example for others to follow. G.E. Pazaurek contributed significantly by donating 2000 pieces, primarily 19th century Bohemian glass, in 1932. Gradually, through more donations and acquisitions, the collections grew into what is today regarded as one of the most prestigious collections in the world. There are groups arranged from the chronological, stylistic and technological point of view. A collection of 20th century drinking glass and pressed glass constitutes a separate part. For several decades a systematic acquisition of Czech glass art has been under way.